The Navy Federal Credit Union

July 3, 2009

The Navy federal credit union is an institution that aims to provide credit to its members, who include navy employees, navy contractors, department of defense personnel and contractors, army, air force and marine personnel and retirees among others. Being the largest of its kind, this credit union has continued to give excellent financial solutions to its members since its inception.

The Navy Federal credit union serves millions of members, a number that increases every passing year. With this credit union, you can retain your membership even if you change employers or retire from active service. It also allows membership to other people connected to you such as spouses and children. The credit union has also established ATMs in a number of areas not forgetting the over 170 branches. Its headquarters is in Washington D. C.

The nfcu provides all the services that credit unions are supposed to which include savings accounts, certificates, credit cards, mortgages and loans. It also provides investment and insurance services. Navy Federal is among the credit unions catering for the financial needs of the military and has provided a better option between investing in banks and credit unions for the military personal.

As a federal credit union, the Navy Federal is non profit making, which means interest rates for loans and other fees are minimal. Their credit cards have high credit limits and allow members to borrow as much as they can. The Visa Check Card comes in handy to mobile members as they can use it whenever they are.


The Navy federal credit union provides seminars from time to time on mortgages, money management and retirement and other related issues to help you make informed decisions. Others include deployment, death and marriage issues that concern the members. The union has tried to adopt new technological advancements to improve its services to members and make it a perfect alternative to banks. Navy Federal has an active online website from which you can gain access to your account anytime. The website also provides locations for all their branches and ATMs so you can easily identify the location of one closest to you.

The Navy federal credit union employs so many people and its volunteer officials include a board of directors and supervisory committee. If you are eligible for membership, Navy Federal is the only way you can save and get credit at the lowest rates as well as personalized services.